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Quotes C & E General Contractors put together a green house for us. They did a great job! We will definitely recommend them to family and friends. We will gladly use them again, if need be in the future. Thanks Mark and Anna Quotes
Jim & Rhonda Cellner
Meadows Place, Texas

Quotes ... I contracted with C & E General Contractors to remove rotted cedar siding from my residence and replace it with hardi plank... I would have no hesitation to contract with C & E for any future projects I may have. I highly recommend C & E to anyone who might have need to their services Quotes
Fredrich Bubeck
in Sugar Land

Quotes It is with great pleasure that I recommend C & E General Contractors, Inc... I found the crew's work to be excellent... I am very pleased with the workmanship and professionalism that C & E has exhibited... I recommend C & E General Contractors, Inc. for any job you may consider. Quotes
Marion Young
from Sugar Land

Quotes Thank you for the report. I have contacted the roofer and he will be hopefully looking at the chimney this week. It's amazing when you tell them that a House Inspector reported the chimney was not done properly how they suddenly listen. I installed a new layer of insulation right after you left! The report is great. Quotes
William Materson
of Florida

Quotes Thank you so very much for your time and highly detailed information. It will definitely be put to good use. Builder was blown away at the attention to detail. Check list of "things to do" is great in making the home safe and secure. If anyone I know in the area is in need of an inspector you will be highly recommended. Quotes
Stephen Pellegrin
in Florida

Quotes I just wanted to thank you very much for all that you did for me... I greatly appreciated all your support. I will definitley recommend you to others. Quotes
Lucas Fayne
from Florida

Quotes Thanks for doing such a thorough inspection, detailed report and most importantly answering my questions as you went through the house. I may have some follow up questions but for the moment I am all set, thanks again. If you ever need a reference feel free to put me on the list. Quotes
Pete Rodle
in Florida